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About the CBM STEP Program

STEP is a global discipleship program that provides churches with the opportunity to engage more significantly in global mission through a three-way partnership with CBM and one of its global partners.

Being a STEP church is more than just participating in a cross-cultural experience or financially supporting mission. It means being open to where God is at work in our world and becoming active participants in it through the ministries of CBM and your global church partner.

At the heart of STEP is a commitment to forming deeper relationships with believers from another part of the world – sharing life, learning from each other, giving and receiving. Foundational to the STEP partnership is the principle of mutual learning. This commitment can deeply impact the life of both your church and the global partner. Through the STEP experience your church may develop a renewed ministry focus within its congregation, local community and the world.

About Your STEP Partnership

The congregation of Laurier Heights Baptist Church, in partnership with Canadian Baptist Ministries has committed to facilitating ministry in Bolivia through the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB). This commitment involves prayer, financial support, and physically sending people on STM teams.

Through this partnership you support all of the work that we do together in Bolivia. At the same time, you have made the decision to focus your efforts by supporting children’s ministry through Casa de la Amistad and Jireh.

Our Work in Bolivia

Canadian Baptists have had a presence and relationship with Bolivia for more than a century, playing a pivotal role in major issues such as constitutional amendments for religious freedom, pioneering access to education for indigenous groups, and land reform. CBM partners with the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB), to promote the transformation of individuals, communities and a multicultural society with Christ-centred values in spite of the challenging context of poverty, corruption and inequality. Together we support leadership training, evangelism and church planting and community development programs.

CBM Programs


The UBB serves children who live in prison with their incarcerated parents. In Bolivia, if no one is able to care for children of inmates, their parents take them to live with them in jail. Casa de la Amistad (Friendship House) ministers to these children and youth as well as their parents. A subsidiary project called Jireh provides programming for children and youth at risk.

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The Chagas project seeks to bring much needed attention and intervention to a little known disease affecting the rural poor by helping to prevent infection and helping victims of |the disease to receive treatment. These are just a few of the long-term, sustainable strategies CBM and UBB have developed to bring about positive change in Bolivia. More information about these and other projects in Bolivia are available by visiting the CBM website or contacting our office.

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